We started our business journey in a home garage and it became our passion to pursue the quality and the heritage in making the best products. We cherish the added value created by precise and meticulous hand work. That is why, we try to keep away from modern machinery in the making of our products. We touch and produce our customers belongings and they touch and use our products. We believe this idea creates a secret bond with us and our customers.


   Wrench and Needle is not just a brand we created, it becomes a piece of your life and starts to become a belonging when you own it. We give life to your belonging as soon as we start making it and the story of our product doesn’t end there, it evolves into something personal as it gets used over the years. This is why we need durability and quality in our making. We pursue, find and use the best materials and add our attentive labor to be able to make our product grow into a personal belonging of yours over the years.